Honda Civic Type R GT

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While it won't win any beauty contests, as with many things - it's what under the skin that counts.
The hottest Civic to date is not only a formidable every day car, it's also a very competant car on the circuit.
The short throw gearbox and the supportive Type R seats only connect the driver better to the new suspension and steering tech.
Not only does the Civic have a strongly innate sense of balance, the improvements over the pervious generation will make this one of the all time great performance cars for the record books.


2.0-litre VTEC TURBO engine : 320 PS with peak torque of 400 Nm
Six-speed manual transmission with engine rev match
0-62mph : 5,7 seconds
Triple outlet exhaust
Active damping system (front and rear)
Three driving modes
Weight : 1420 kg

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