Radical SR3 RSX

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British manufacturer Radical is known for producing open-wheeled track terrors that are light, nimble, and devastatingly quick.
Like any successful racing car, the design philosophy revolves around trimming all the fat, while incorporating the tried and true go-fast technology you’d expect from a modern racer.
The engine sits behind the driver, the aero is big and functional, and there’s a ton of tire stuffed under the arches.
The result is a laser beam focused tool for putting down blistering lap times, compromising nothing in the quest for ultimate speed.


RPE-Suzuki 1340 cc 4cylinder 210 PS
Six-speed sequential gearbox
0-62mph : 3,3 seconds
Top speed 147 mph
Weight : 510 kg


Prices for hiring a Radical SR3 RSX to use on track at all our selected circuits except Nürburgring / Nordschleife. Excludes entry fees and includes petrol.
Trackday 200 km : 2799 € / 300 km : 3199 € / 400 km : 3699 €
Extra 10 km : 155 €
Rentals available for 18 years and over
Excess : 20000 €

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